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Needed Nourishment

  • For your friend, your partner, or yourself

For New Mamas

The New Mama Gift Set

  1. The new mama gift set is full of self care items for her, including Sleep + Relaxation Support, Stress Support, and Hydration Support, plus a Needed onesie (size 3-6 months) for her little one.

$125.00 (Value: $152.00)

For Newly Pregnant Mamas

The Newly Pregnant Gift Set

  1. The Newly Pregnant Gift Set is full of what she needs to kick off her optimally nourished pregnancy. It includes our Prenatal Multi Essentials, Prenatal Choline, Hydration Support (Variety Pack), and a non-toxic glass Needed water bottle.

$100.00 (Value: $122.00)

For Healthy Hydration Lovers

The Hydration Gift Set

  1. The Healthy Hydration Gift Set helps her (or him!) stay optimally hydrated. Make drinking water more enjoyable with a non-toxic glass Needed water bottle and a variety flavor pack of our Hydration Support.

$55.00 (Value: $75.00)


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