Sample of Omega-3 nutrient testing kit

Sample of Omega-3 nutrient testing kit

We deliver our Omega-3 in the most nourishing formulation, ensuring you and your baby get the optimal amount of Omega-3 DHA (300mg) and EPA (150mg).

30 daily powder packets, delivered straight to your door.

Our powdered format enables us to deliver the most nourishing formulation for mamas and mamas-to-be. It's 5x better absorbed by the body than pills, and is delivered with other needed nutrients that help your body use the Omega-3 DHA and EPA that you and our baby need.

Tastes like sunflower lecithin, which has a sweet nutty taste. If you are extra sensitive to taste and smell, you may also detect some algae notes. The powder pairs well with: nut milk-based "lattes" with cinnamon or chai spice and a hint of maple syrup; smoothies with banana, berries, chocolate or vanilla protein and almond butter; yogurt; and oil & vinegar-based salad dressings. We do not recommend taking it with plain water, orange juice, soymilk, or plain coffee and tea.

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I love that this product combines Omega-3 DHA, EPA, Choline, and Phospholipids, key nutrients that pair optimally to nourish a mama and her baby. Most Omega-3 products contain just DHA. I take it every morning mixed with almond milk and cinnamon."

- Dr. Leah Gordon, Naturopathic + Functional Medicine Doctor