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proven in practice.

Proving that our products work in a lab or at a biochemical level isn’t enough. Hear from our community about how our Omega-3 performs in their lives.

Omega-3 during pregnancy is needed.

In my practice, almost 90% of the patients that I test are deficient in Omega-3s. Unfortunately, many prenatal vitamins lack the DHA + EPA that most mamas and mamas-to-be need.

Dr. Leah Gordon | Naturopathic Doctor

Far from fishy

It’s far from fishy. Omega-3s are so great for kids, especially, as well as adults. The powder is sweet and pleasant tasting, and you can eat it alone or blended into foods.

Dr. Elana Roumell | Naturopathic Doctor

Novel, effective, and needed.

I am thrilled to be in partnership with Needed as they launch their novel, effective, and needed Omega-3 Liposomal Powder. It's a delight to see our copy of nature’s simple, elegant, and highly efficient delivery system introduced to consumers, providing widespread access to the benefits of key nutrients.

Dr. Crispin Eley | Research Scientist + Entrepreneur


My son and I tried it, and it was fantastic!  No taste whatsoever.

Stefanie I Austin, TX

Mild and slightly sweet.

The kids and I tried out the products. They didn't notice a taste, and I found it to be mild and slightly sweet.

Ashley I San Francisco, CA

This works for me!

I put in a smoothie, and it was totally undetectable in consistency and taste! I love getting my hidden health benefits, so this works for me.

Sarah I San Francisco, CA

Kids loved it!

My kids and I loved it! I sprinkled it on our "healthy" pancakes.

Christina I San Francisco, CA

It's vegan!

My favorite things about Needed's Omega-3 is that it’s vegan and my kids couldn’t taste it in their smoothies!

Iyse I San Francisco, CA

Far better than the liquid stuff.

A slight fish taste was present but not strong. If I didn’t know it was in there, I wouldn't have noticed it. It was far better than the liquid stuff and packaged powders that make smoothies taste gross.

Sarah I San Francisco, CA

No fishy after taste.

I love that it was in powder form and that I didn’t have a fishy after taste in my mouth.

Katya Mosely, L. Ac.

Versatile and simple.

I like how versatile it is and how simple it is to incorporate into your family's routine. I also love that it does not rely on fish as the main source of omega-3. 

Ashley Koch | Family Nutrition + Health Advocate

Omega-3 is key during pregnancy.

Pregnant women consuming long chain omega-3 fatty acids such as found in seafood, fish oil and algal oil can reduce the earliest and most risky preterm births by 42%, according to the Cochrane Review (2018). Pregnant women should try to achieve a DHA intake of around 500 mg/day during pregnancy. Women who don’t consume enough seafood, can receive DHA from prenatal supplements that contain DHA. Most DHA supplements are in a capsular form, however, a powder source that can be added to foods and beverages is now available for women who prefer not to take capsules.

Susan Carlson, Ph. D.