why we started Needed.

Through nutrient testing, we realized we had serious nutrient deficiencies.

As mothers and trained nutritionists, we were shocked to discover that we had serious deficiencies in many nutrients that are needed for a healthy pregnancy.

We dug into the research and realized we were far from alone.

97% of women in the US take a prenatal supplement, yet 95%+ are still deficient in key nutrients. The status quo prenatal vitamins weren't cutting it.

Most prenatal vitamins are designed to meet only your bare minimum needs.

Most prenatal vitamins leave out key nutrients like Omega-3, Choline, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Magnesium-or they include dosages that are too low to make a difference. You also need more than vitamins and minerals to thrive. A prenatal vitamin on its own doesn't cut it. So we created a complete system of nutritional support to meet all of your needs.

Prenatal nutrition information is often confusing, incomplete, or just plain wrong.

It’s difficult to find trusted, fundamental nutrition information focused on women’s nutrition needs before, during, and after pregnancy. Too often, nutrition information is incomplete, missing important nuances and not considering the whole context of nourishment.

We realized a new standard for perinatal nutrition was needed. So we created it.

  • We spent over 3 years redesigning the prenatal vitamin and the other nutrition you need. During that time, we built a collective of more than 3,000 health experts to help us define this new standard and create the products, education, and experiences women need to thrive. These health experts come from diverse backgrounds – from OBGYNs to midwives, dietitians, herbalists, functional medicine doctors, and more – we’re all working collaboratively to set a new standard for perinatal health .

There is so much on the journey to motherhood that we can’t control, but nutrition is a big one that we can.

meet our founders



I grew up in a family of medical doctors including my dad, an MD who was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 5. I learned at a young age the power of nutrition to influence our health-and how under-emphasized nutrition is in our current medical system. I set out to change that, studying the problem of unequal access to quality nutrition, and later training as a nutritionist myself. I am passionate about championing nutrition as the way to our health, especially as women in the perinatal stage. We have the power to create a multi-generational impact. My passion for our mission has only grown since giving birth to my two daughters and experiencing the ups and downs of fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood myself.



My interest in nutrition and health grew out of my interest in the environment. As a young girl in California, I started volunteering at a local aquarium, leading educational tours to teach kids about marine science and environmental advocacy. It was clear to me, even then, that our health as humans is directly connected to the health of our environment. Advocating for broader awareness of the human and environmental health connection has carried through much of my life. I believe fundamentally that nourishing mamas will directly support nourished communities and a nourished planet. 

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Join us in raising the bar for perinatal nutrition