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Change is needed.

Needed Changemakers is a collective of women’s health practitioners, advisors, and advocates working to transform perinatal care together. We champion radically better nutrition for women with relentless curiosity, scientific rigor, and constant momentum.

It’s time for radical change.

A radical change is needed in how we approach pregnancy in the United States. The US has the worst maternal and infant mortality rate of any developed nation. We know unequivocally that nutrition changes health outcomes, but in the current standard of care it’s relegated to an afterthought. The average prenatal care appointment in the US is 7 minutes long–and not all care providers are nutritionally trained. Women deserve better than the bare minimum status quo.

Our Needed Changemakers

Be a part of the change

Changemakers is much bigger than an individual or an idea. It’s a movement, a purpose, a community working together to champion radically better for women.

Be a part of the change

Radically better research is needed.

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