Pregnancy Supplements

Prenatal Multi Powder

Our radically better Prenatal Multi Powder with 26 optimal nutrients for before, during, & after pregnancy.*

From $48.99 /mo
Prenatal Multi Capsules

Our radically better Prenatal Multi Capsules with 26 optimal nutrients for before, during, & after pregnancy.*

From $41.99 /mo
Prenatal Multi Essentials

Our Prenatal Multi Essentials, with supportive dosages & optimal forms of 23 nutrients.*

From $27.99 /mo
Prenatal Omega-3

Our Omega-3 supports egg quality, maternal mood, and baby's optimal brain, nerve, and eye development*.

From $34.99 /mo
Prenatal Collagen Protein

Our grass-fed and sustainably sourced Collagen Protein supports optimal perinatal and women’s health.*

From $34.99 /mo
Prenatal Pre/Probiotic

A tailored women's Pre/Probiotic for optimal gut and vaginal microbiome health, iron absorption, & pregnancy.*

From $41.99 /mo
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The Starter Plan

The Starter Plan

Our radically better Prenatal Multi paired with sustainably-sourced Omega-3 for all stages of perinatal health.*

From $79.18/mo
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The Complete Plan

The Complete Plan

Our bestselling plan for complete perinatal nutrition includes micronutrient, microbiome, & protein support.*

From $149.97/mo
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Sleep + Relaxation Support

A pregnancy-safe Sleep & Relaxation Support with 3 forms of magnesium, L-Theanine, L-Glycine, and chamomile.*

From $34.99 /mo
Hydration Support (Grapefruit)
Digestive Enzymes

Our Digestive Enzymes support nutrient absorption and digestive comfort from eating a variety of foods.*

From $34.99 /mo
Immune Support

A delicious, family-friendly Immune Support for gut & immune health, with elderberry, zinc, pre/postbiotics.*

From $39.89 /mo
Prenatal Iron

Our bioavailable and well-tolerated Iron supports optimal iron levels for perinatal and women's health.*

From $13.99 /mo
Prenatal Choline

Our Choline supports a healthy pregnancy, including baby's cognitive development, and overall women's health.*

From $13.99 /mo

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Is it safe to take supplements during pregnancy?

The safety of taking supplements during pregnancy de­pends on their contents. Our range of pregnancy supplements is carefully formulated to be safe for consumption during pregnancy. They contain essential vitamins and minerals (such as folate, calcium, choline and magnesium) in optimal forms and dosages that mamas and babies need. Getting enough of the­se from diet alone is challe­nging, and supplementing can help bridge nutritional gaps.

What supplements should I take during pregnancy?

We recommend beginning with a foundational Pre­natal Multi vitamin, available as a powder or capsule, to nourish both you and your growing baby. The­ sooner you start, the bette­r for optimal nutrition.

Omega-3s are also important, so beginning with the Starte­r Plan is advisable. For a more compre­hensive approach, the Comple­te Plan adds Collagen Protein and Pre­/Probiotics to your prenatal supplement routine­, supporting overall wellness and bringing you a comprehensive approach to prenatal supplementation.