why we do it.

In today's modern world, food alone isn't enough.

Due to factors like soil quality, agricultural processes, food transportation, and environmental toxins, supplements are often needed to bridge nutritional gaps in our diet. 

Supplements play a vital role in balanced nutrition, but often come with too many trade-offs.

There are many issues with supplements, from the unpleasant experience of taking them, to the questionable quality and dosage of ingredients, to their limited absorption. 

Nutrition information is often too trend-focused, confusing, or just plain wrong.

It’s difficult to find trusted, fundamental nutrition information that speaks to unique needs at a specific life stage. Too often, nutrition information is incomplete, missing important nuances and not considering the whole context of nourishment.

Nutritional needs aren't static. They evolve with you at every new life phase.

Your body, lifestyle, and nutrition needs change throughout the course of your life. Your nutrition products and education should change, too. 

our values

Everything we say and do is rooted in our core values. They serve as our guide as we develop new products and education, and grow our community.

  • we are about the whole

    We are holistic thinkers, viewing nothing in isolation • We focus on the whole person: the physical, mental, and emotional • We think about all the ways nutrition fits into your whole life • We are in it for the health of our families, customers, community, and planet

  • we see abundance, not scarcity

    We make quality nutrition more accessible and abundant • We see challenges as opportunities for learning and growth • We value new perspectives and solutions as essential • We seek patterns and relationships that others overlook

  • we own our own growth

    We pursue research, scientific inquiry, innovation, and learning • We are doers and solvers • We empower those around us to do and solve for themselves • We grow along with our families, friends, communities, and customers

  • we meet every need, one at a time

    We care about every customer and need • We go the extra mile and get the details right • We empower with education, so others can meet their own needs • We address the root, not the symptom

meet our founders

We met as friends, fellow-nutrition nerds, and “someday-to-be” mamas while studying at Stanford’s business school. Through navigating our own fertility and nutrition journeys, we realized most prenatal nutrition information and products fall far short of empowering real nourishment for mamas-to-be. We started Needed to meet our needs and that of the thousands of women and health practitioners we’ve met along this journey. Today, Needed empowers women to meet their biochemical nutritional needs, and to find nourishment beyond nutrition through better products, better identification of nutrition needs, education and community to support nourishment beyond nutritional needs alone.

Julie Sawaya


I discovered my passion for nutrition around my family dinner table. Like most doctors of his generation, my dad, a board certified cardiologist, received very little nutrition training. And, amidst the demands of practicing medicine, he lost touch with the traditional nutrition wisdom and emphasis on whole foods of his Lebanese heritage. His diagnosis and subsequent struggle with diabetes has been a powerful influence throughout my life, leading me to research, experience firsthand, and advocate for the connections between the food we eat, the families and communities we are nurtured by, how we feel in our bodies, and how we show up in our world.

Ryan Woodbury


My interest in nutrition and health grew out of my interest in the environment. As a young girl in California, I started volunteering at a local aquarium, leading educational tours to teach kids about marine science and environmental advocacy. It was clear to me, even then, that our health as humans is directly connected to the health of our environment. From slowly convincing my family to shift towards a more sustainable diet, to developing resonant stories about our environment for NPR, to co-authoring a farm and nutrition curriculum for school children, advocating for broader awareness of the human and environmental health connection has carried through much of my life. 

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