Prenatal Collagen Protein

Our grass-fed and sustainably sourced Collagen Protein supports optimal perinatal and women’s health.*

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Product Details

With our powder formula, you’re getting pure hydrolyzed bovine Collagen, nothing else. Its neutral flavor profile mixes perfectly into food and drink. And it’s an optimal form for absorption.

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Most women aren’t meeting their protein needs during pregnancy and postpartum. Pregnant women need protein to support healthy blood sugar, minimizing nausea, and growing baby's cells and the placenta*. Collagen is an optimal form for all of this. It also supports healthy joints, pelvic floor tissue, skin elasticity, and postpartum hair and healthy glow*. Our hydrolyzed Collagen is ethically sourced from the hides of grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone-free bovines. Take it before, during, after pregnancy — and even beyond.

How to Use

Mix one scoop into a single serving of food or drink. We designed our Collagen Protein to be taken along with our Prenatal Multi, Omega-3, and Pre/Probiotic. Together, these products optimally nourish mama and baby before, during, and after pregnancy. Store fully sealed at room temperature.

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Why do I need a Collagen Protein?
Protein requirements are elevated during pregnancy. Mamas need protein for blood sugar management, minimizing nausea, and to grow baby's cells and the placenta. Collagen Protein has certain amino acids that aren’t readily available in other common protein sources that support mama's joints, pelvic floor tissue, skin elasticity, immune system, and gut health.
Can I give it to my partner?
Yes, we do. We make a “couples smoothie” almost every morning mixing our Collagen Protein with our Prenatal Multi and Omega-3. Conception is a two-way street. (We then separately take our Pre/Probiotic.)
Where is the Collagen Protein manufactured?
The Collagen Protein is manufactured in the United States at an FDA registered facility that has third party GMP certification.
What kind of testing do you do?
We test all products for quality and safety at third-party laboratories including tests for nutritional content, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, microbes and other contaminants.
Everything makes me nauseous when pregnant, will your product work for me?
Yes, protein is known to help minimize nausea. Our Collagen Protein is easy to incorporate into the meals or beverages that sound appealing like smoothies, oatmeal, lattes, etc. For more recipes and ideas click here.
Which products work best with Collagen Protein?
Our products are designed to be taken together for optimal nutrition. We recommend pairing the Collagen Protein with our Prenatal Multi, Omega-3+, and Pre/Probiotic to fully support you and baby throughout pregnancy. Shop our Complete Plan and save.
Why should I start a subscription? How does a subscription work?
Daily, continuous supplementation is needed to maintain optimal levels for you and your baby before, during, and after pregnancy. Our subscription ensures you never miss a day of optimal nourishment. We’ll send you an email each month, a few days before we charge you and ship your next box. You can delay an order, or cancel your subscription at any time, right from your account page.
I'm not yet pregnant or a mom, is your product still for me?
Yes, our product is tailored for before, during, and after pregnancy, but it is beneficial at all stages of life. It’s never too early or too late to start reaping the benefits -- healthy tissues to your immune system.
What happens if I miss a day? Or a few days?
Don't sweat it. We know how busy life can get. We suggest building your Collagen Protein consumption into an existing routine (like your morning smoothie), to keep the habit strong. Taking your Collagen Protein every day will provide positive, long-lasting results.
Is your Collagen Protein vegan, allergen free, and Non-GMO?
Our Collagen Protein is non-GMO. Free of 9 major allergens, gluten, and unwanted fillers.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Domestic orders with in-stock products are estimated to arrive within 3 to 5 business days after leaving our warehouse. International shipping speeds vary by location but typically arrive within 8 to 16 business days after leaving our warehouse. A shipping notification with a tracking link is emailed to you as soon as your order ships.