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Why We Created Perinatal Nutrition Plans

Steph Greunke

Why We Created Perinatal Nutrition Plans

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  • Intro
  • One Pill a Day Won’t Cut It
  • Pairing Nutrients In the Same Product Isn’t Always Optimal
  • Research Supports Supplementation Beyond Vitamins and Minerals
  • Simplicity and Convenience Pick the Perfect Plan
  • Optional Add-Ons
  • You’ve Got This and We’ve Got You

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You may already be familiar with our growing line of products for optimal nourishment before, during, and after pregnancy. But we want to put a spotlight on another option we have for you: our Plans. 

Here’s a bit more about why we created them, and how they can support your family throughout all stages of parenthood.

One Pill A Day Won’t Cut It

Many prenatals opt for convenience when it comes to formulating supplements. This means they aim to fit their entire formula into a pill or two per day. 

But in order to make the most comprehensive option out there that delivers optimal nutrition for both mama and baby, 8 capsules are required. The bottom line is that the optimal forms and doses of all of the nutrients a mama and growing baby need take up a lot of space, particularly the bulky (but critical nutrients Choline, Magnesium, and Calcium). It really makes you think twice about what’s missing from all of those 2-pill prenatals out there, doesn’t it?

Pairing Nutrients In the Same Product Isn’t Always Optimal

Aiming for convenience also often means formulating multiple nutrients into one or two pills. Unfortunately, this convenience comes at a cost. Combining certain nutrients can not only decrease absorption of one or both nutrients, it can also result in the degradation of the quality of nutrients. 

For example, taking Iron at the same time as Calcium may inhibit absorption of Iron. Taking Iron and Zinc at the same time can inhibit the absorption of either nutrient. Since not all mamas need Iron to begin with (depending on Iron levels and consumption of Iron-rich foods through diet), we offer Iron separately, so that you can add it on only if needed, and take it away from your Prenatal Multi for optimal absorption.

In addition, Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are critical to a healthy pregnancy

Research Supports Supplementation Beyond Vitamins and Minerals

Research is clear that nutrition needs in pregnancy extend beyond vitamins and minerals. For example, there are a number of incredible benefits to Probiotic supplementation for fertility and during pregnancy and breastfeeding

In addition, research shows that protein needs are higher in pregnancy than previously thought. For this reason, we offer and bundle our Prenatal Collagen Protein. It is a clean, quick, and convenient way to meet your needs for this critical macronutrient.

Simplicity and Convenience 

Each product we offer and those in our Plans serve a different purpose, but they all work together toward the same goal - optimal nutrition for mama and baby.

We know that parenthood is busy and managing your supply of supplements shouldn’t be a time suck or stress. But we also know that the way to convenience is not through one pill per day.

Our Plans offer convenience alongside optimal nourishment to make sure you never run out of any one product that is needed for you and your baby to thrive.

As a bonus, we offer serious savings on our Plans so that you can affordably meet all of your nutrient needs.

Pick the Perfect Plan

The Complete Nutrition Plan

The Complete Nutrition Plan offers complete nourishment (micronutrients, microbiome support, and protein) for every phase of pregnancy — from thinking or trying to pregnancy or postpartum.

It includes our Prenatal Multi (your choice of powder or capsules), Omega-3+ Capsules, Pre/Probiotic, and Collagen Protein. 

The Starter Plan

Just getting started? Replenish and nourish the body for all phases of growing life with two of our most essential products in The Starter Plan. Our Prenatal Multi and Omega-3+ Capsules are designed to meet your (and your baby’s) optimal micronutrient needs. 

The Fertility Support for Two Plan

Just getting started on your journey to parenthood? The Fertility Support Plan for Two is perfect for couples as it supports sperm and egg health, hormone balance, and a healthy gut, vaginal, and uterine microbiome. It includes two bags of the Prenatal Multi powder, two bags of Collagen, and one Prenatal Pre/Probiotic. 

Not sure your partner needs a prenatal? Get the scoop here on prenatal vitamins for men!

Optional Add-Ons

In addition to your plan, you can choose to add on Iron for additional support if your levels and/or dietary intake is low. 

Need an extra Vitamin D boost? Stay tuned for an add-on VItamin D option coming very soon! (And if you’re not sure whether or not it’s needed, get tested at home and find out for sure.)

You’ve Got This and We’ve Got You

No matter what stage of parenthood you’re in, we’re here to support and nourish you. If you have any questions, please reach out at

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Steph Greunke, MS, RD, CPT, PMH-C

Stephanie Greunke is a registered dietitian that specializes in prenatal/postnatal nutrition, behavioral psychology, and holds additional certifications in perinatal mental health and fitness. She's a key contributor and advisor to Needed as well as Needed’s Head of Practitioner Relationships. Steph is the owner of Postpartum Reset, an online postpartum nutrition course, and the co-host of "Doctor Mom" podcast.