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Trimester Plans: The What and Why You Need Them

Hillary Bennetts

Trimester Plans: The What and Why You Need Them

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  • Intro
  • What Are Trimester Plans?
  • How Are They Different From Trimester-Specific Vitamins?
  • Why We Created Trimester PlansThe Bottom Line

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At Needed, we’re all about the why. Because when you understand the intent behind a product, you can make more informed choices when it comes to supporting your nutrition needs. So we wanted to share some context around why we created Trimester Plans.

What are Trimester Plans?

Our Trimester Plans are tailored product collections  designed to support optimal stage-specific nourishment throughout the perinatal journey. 

Trimester Plans pair our bestselling, 4-part Complete Plan with the other nutritional support that’s needed by each stage. We offer 6 Trimester Plans, backed by the latest clinical research and in-practice experience of our perinatal nutrition experts:

  • Preconception Prep Plan
  • First Trimester Plan
  • Second Trimester Plan
  • Third Trimester Plan
  • Fourth Trimester Plan
  • Women’s Health Plan

How are they different from trimester-specific vitamins?

We’ve discussed previously why we don’t recommend trimester-specific vitamins. In short, your core need for vitamins and minerals remains largely unchanged throughout the stages of the perinatal journey. Trimester-specific vitamins often decrease the amount of one nutrient to increase the amount of another. Rather than swap one nutrient for another, we believe that a comprehensive multivitamin with optimal dosages of vitamins and minerals, alongside Omega-3 fatty acids, a targeted Pre/Probiotic, and a high quality source of protein, is needed in every stage of the perinatal journey. That’s why we created our bestselling, 4-part Complete Plan.

The Complete Plan is the cornerstone of every Trimester Plan covering your optimal baseline needs. Every element of The Complete Plan is needed from preconception to postpartum, so we included it in all 6 Trimester Plans.

What varies by Trimester Plan are the other add-ons that deliver stage-specific nutritional support, including our our Hydration, Sleep, and Stress Support, our CoQ10 for extra fertility support, and our Vitamin D3/K2 and Iron add-ons that are needed at specific stages more so than others.

Why we created Trimester Plans

Here are the three key reasons why we created Trimester Plans:

1. Optimal nourishment takes more than vitamins and minerals

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Even the very best Prenatal Multi alone can’t meet all of your nutrient needs. Your body needs more than vitamins and minerals to thrive.

2. Your core needs remain constant, while others fluctuate by phase

By pairing our Complete Plan (optimal baseline support) with the targeted nutrient support you need at each stage, we deliver optimal nourishment that meets you right where you’re at.

Adding on extra nutrient support only when you need it is optimal for your body and budget!

3. To take the guesswork out of what you need at every stage

Navigating the journey to parenthood is hard enough. Our practitioner-formulated Trimester Plans take the guesswork out of what’s needed at every stage. 

The bottom line

We’ve simplified your optimal perinatal nourishment into a collection of plans that are designed for your unique stage. Because you’ve got plenty of other things to think about during the journey to mamahood.

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Hillary Bennetts, Nutritionist

Hillary Bennetts is a nutritionist and business consultant focusing on prenatal and postpartum health. In addition to nutrition consulting, she provides business consulting and content creation for companies in the health and wellness industry. Hillary spent almost a decade in corporate consulting before shifting gears to combine her lifelong passion for health and wellness with her business background and nutrition education.