Proudly Plastic Neutral

Paula James-Martinez

Proudly Plastic Neutral


Needed is excited to announce our Plastic Neutral status as part of our on going commitment to improve our impact on Mother Earth. Learn more about the concept of plastic neutrality, discover how our collaboration with rePurpose Global is reshaping environmental responsibility, and why we at Needed we believe it's an important step in taking care of our planet.

What is Plastic Neutrality?

Plastic neutrality is our commitment to offsetting the plastic we use by removing an equivalent amount of plastic waste from the environment. This means that every purchase of our products contributes to a net-zero plastic footprint. While we continue to use plastic responsibly, our partnership with rePurpose Global ensures that we actively contribute to plastic waste reduction efforts.

Why is Plastic Pollution Such a Big Problem?

The statistics on plastic pollution are alarming, and the amounts that end up in our landfills highlight the urgent need for sustainable practices. Single-use plastics, in particular, contribute significantly to environmental degradation. 

  • Scientists estimate that around 12 million tons (U.S.) of plastic make their way from land into the sea every year. That’s like dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the ocean every 45 seconds.

  • For every one person on earth, there's 21,000 pieces of plastic in the ocean.

Decoding the Plastic Footprint

For us at Needed, environmental stewardship means understanding and mitigating our plastic footprint. This footprint refers to the total weight of plastic used or produced. Calculating it involves assessing the type and quantity of plastic in our products and packaging, multiplied by our sales volume. Thanks to rePurpose Global's methodology, we gain insights into our impact, track progress, and take effective measures to reduce plastic waste.

Empowering Change with rePurpose Global

Needed is partnering with rePurpose Global to fulfill our plastic neutral promise. As a globally recognized B-corporation, rePurpose Global collaborates with vetted recycling projects worldwide. Their certification of our Certified Net Zero Plastic Footprint ensures accountability and drives our commitment to sustainability. As we work towards our plastic reduction goals, we are balancing the plastic footprint of each product with rePurpose Global and tackling plastic pollution on a systemic level, with projects spanning various countries and both the global and localized impacts of plastic waste.

Needed Facts About Our Plastic Neutral Status

Plastic Waste Recovered by Needed to date is: 25,166 lbs

That's the equivalent of removing:

  •  635,500 plastic bottles (500 ml PET plastic bottle weighing 18g on an average) OR

  • Nearly 2 million plastic shopping bags OR More than 2.5 million plastic pouches (wet wipes pouches;) from the environment.

Through Project Hara Kal, Needed supports cleaner oceans in India (a global plastic pollution hotspot), as well as strengthens local waste management infrastructure by contributing (along with other rPG brand partners) towards stable livelihoods for 820 waste workers, 98% of whom are women.

Empowering Change Through Mother Earth

Our journey towards plastic neutrality is just one aspect of our broader  sustainability initiatives. Needed is also proudly a Certified B Corp, Certified Climate Neutral, a 1% For The Planet member. These initiatives outlines our current efforts and future aspirations, including exploring innovative technologies and materials. By joining us in supporting Mother Earth, you become a part of a movement towards a greener, more sustainable world.

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Paula James-Martinez, Filmmaker and Editorial Director

Paula James Martinez is a creative producer, filmmaker, and former fashion editor. She is the director and producer of film company Semi-Retired Productions, and in 2018, started working on her directorial debut on the documentary Born Free, which investigates the truth about birth and maternity in America. She has since founded a non-profit organization The Mother Lovers to raise awareness of the US maternal health crisis.