Preconception Prep Is Needed: Stories of Real Setbacks

Preconception Prep Is Needed: Stories of Real Setbacks

In a recent installation of our Nourishment Beyond Nutrition series, Needed co-founder Ryan Woodbury joined naturopathic doctors Dr. Leah Gordon and Dr. Ari Calhoun to discuss why Preconception preparation is so needed. Although there is ongoing attention given to the “4th Trimester”, otherwise known as Postpartum, often the “0 Trimester”, or the Preconception period, is less discussed. In this event, we share the importance of the “0 Trimester” as well as the joys, struggles, and realities that this time of life may bring. 

Our ongoing series Nourishment Beyond Nutrition brings together expert-led education with womens’ circle-like sharing, on a range of topics related to supporting mamas and mamas-to-be. The conversations often expand beyond nutrition, as nutrition alone is not enough for full nourishment. We are excited to share these powerful conversations with our broader Needed community via Instagram and other platforms.

Below is a link to the replay of our event with Dr. Leah Gordon & Dr. Ari Calhoun.

Preconception Prep Is Needed Replay

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