Moving through Loss Meditation

Moving through Loss Meditation

Grief is a reflection of love.  So the process of moving through loss involves releasing layers of grief, while opening to your love which never dies.  After pregnancy or infant loss, we may never be the same again.  Yet in moving through these experiences, we can become even more loving and compassionate. I hope these simple practices will support you in connecting with your love, self-compassion, and infinite capacity for healing. 

Before you begin, set yourself up comfortably and have tissues or a handkerchief nearby.  You may wish to light a candle, anoint yourself with essential oils and/ or have something warm and yummy to sip on. After the heart breathing and womb listening meditation, it can be supportive to journal about any messages you receive from your heart, body or womb space. 

You're not alone, and if you feel you’d benefit from personal support, you’re welcome to reach me by email at, or via my website.

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Ivy Joeva is a doula and fertility coach serving women and couples across the spectrum of pregnancy, birth and loss since 2009.  She provides support throughout the childbearing year including the process of trying to conceive, holistic preparation for birth, “baby-proofing” your relationship or marriage, postpartum recovery care and counseling for pregnancy loss of all kinds.  A graduate of UC Berkeley and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Ivy specializes in serving families with fertility challenges and a history of prior loss.

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