Meet Our Upgraded Prenatal Pre/Probiotic

Meet Our Upgraded Prenatal Pre/Probiotic

Here are some commonly asked questions about our upgraded Prenatal Pre/Probiotic:

  • If the original Pre/Probiotic was so good, why did you make changes? 

We are committed to continuously review new and existing research in order to ensure that we have the best products. As part of this, we’re constantly innovating and upgrading even bestselling formulas to stay at the leading edge of what’s optimal for your body and baby.

  • Is the price changing?

No, the price is staying the same, so you get an upgraded product at the same price!

  • Are there any changes to allergens? 

Our upgraded Pre/Probiotic does contain Lactoferrin which is derived from milk, therefore it cannot be labeled as vegan. Note that the amount of lactose per serving is less than 1.5 mg. By comparison, a teaspoon of milk has around 270 mg of lactose. The perinatal and pediatric practitioners that helped us design this product find that they and their patients tolerate lactoferrin well even if they otherwise avoid dairy. 

  • Do I need to change how I take this to transition between products?

You can take our new formula in the same way you took the original formula, there is no need to slowly ramp up or change anything as you transition.

  • Do I need to refrigerate the new Pre/Probiotic?

No, we suggest storing at room temperature or cooler. Refrigeration is not necessary unless your home is consistently 79° F or warmer for extended periods.

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