Why Better Immune Support is Needed

Nobody likes to be sick. Illness disrupts our lives, causing us to miss out on school, work, and life.

But sickness is common in families with kids. Research shows that kids get sick an average of 6-12 times per year. This is especially true for children under 5, who have been shown to be infected with some kind of respiratory virus a full 50% of the year – twice as often as older kids and adults.

It’s impossible to avoid exposure to germs, so supporting our immune systems alongside good hygiene is key to minimizing illness.

But many immune support supplements out there fall short when it comes to including effective ingredients at clinically studied dosages. 

We believed that better immune support for families was needed. So we created it ourselves. 

Immune support is more than vitamins and minerals

The immune system is complex, involving a vast network of organs, white blood cells, antibodies, and more. The various parts of the immune system work together to protect your body from invaders (like viruses and bacteria) that cause infection and illness.

Supporting this complex system requires more than vitamins and minerals. After all, 70%-80% of immune cells are in the gut, so supporting the immune system requires supporting the gut. But most immune support supplements contain a single or a few vitamins and minerals, often not even in a form that is optimally absorbed. 

Families Need Convenience

Families are busy, and when one member of the household goes down, it’s often only a matter of time until they take all the others down with them. 

It's easy as parents to prioritize taking care of our kids over ourselves. But you can’t pour from an empty cup, so having a simple and effective solution that is convenient for the whole family (including pregnant and breastfeeding mamas!) is needed. 

Immune systems are built year-round

Conversations around immune health tend to spike in the fall and winter and then drop off in the spring and summer. But the truth is, optimal immune health means supporting your body year-round. Athletes train in the off-season, and that’s exactly how you can think about building up your own defenses during times when they aren’t being constantly tested by circulating viruses and bacteria. But not all immune supplements are safe and effective (or convenient) to take year-round. 

Sugar is not needed 

Many immune support products, especially those designed for kids, include added sugar in an attempt to improve taste. But when it comes to the immune system, sugar isn’t exactly supportive.

Meet Needed Immune Support

Formulated by a team of perinatal and pediatric practitioners, Needed Immune Support includes Zinc, Elderberry, Prebiotics, and Postbiotics in optimal forms and dosages that are clinically-studied, safe, and effective in supporting your immune system all year long.

Share a supplement, not germs

Immune Support is also convenient and practical. The whole family can share one supplement that tastes amazing with NO added sugar!

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