Needed Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s the season for love - however that looks for you! If gift giving or receiving is one of your love languages, you’re in luck. We’ve curated some of our favorite gift ideas for him and for her. So whether you use this list as inspo to give a gift, a hint for your partner to get a gift, or a treat for yourself in the name of self love, we hope you enjoy!

For Him

  1. Butcher Box subscription: level up his protein game with a box of grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, and wild-caught salmon (bonus points for cooking together once it arrives!)
  2. Felix Gray blue blockers: support relaxation and restful sleep by blocking out blue light with one of Felix Gray’s frames (p.s., add on our Sleep + Relaxation Support for even more benefit)
  3. Huron body wash and natural deodorant: help him clean up (or start!) his skincare routine with Huron’s simple and effective line of personal care products.
  4. Flint & Tinder Waxed Trucker from Huckberry: he’ll look good and feel good in this functional but fun jacket.
  5. Caraway cookware: this nontoxic set of cookware is perfect for him to make you a nourishing meal any day of the year!
  6. Needed Men’s Complete Plan: support his optimal nourishment at all stages of the dad years with The Complete PlanTM for Men.

For Her

  1. Sweet Laurel Heart Shaped Cookie Cake: support a mom-owned brand and satisfy her sweet tooth with a personalized chocolate chip cookie cake.
  2. Brightland olive oil: this incredibly pure olive oil is consciously made in California. She’ll taste the difference (and love the way the bottle looks on the counter!)
  3. Mate the Label sweats: these cute and cozy sweats are perfect for lounging 
  4. Freda Salvador slippers: these slippers are the ultimate in cozy comfort, and they look cute too!
  5. Doen pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly dresses: if she’s expecting or nursing and tired of the typical maternity and nursing clothes, Doen tops and dresses are the perfect gift.
  6. Baeo baby + mama care products: support a mom-owned brand with beautifully clean skincare for both mama and baby.
  7. Starling Mama & Mini jewelry set: splurge for both the loves in your life with a beautiful set for both mama and her little.
  8. Farm Girl Flowers XOXOXO Bouquet: you can’t go wrong with flowers, and FarmGirl are our favorite.
  9. Needed Stress+Sleep Support Bundle: All mamas could use some support with stress and sleep, and we’ve got the perfect solution!
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