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Why the One Multivitamin Approach to Pregnancy is a Myth

Hillary Bennetts

Why the One Multivitamin Approach to Pregnancy is a Myth

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  • Intro
  • Disrupting the Status Quo
  • Nutrients Take Up Space
  • What's at Stake?
  • Nutrition CareTM is Pregnancy Care
  • A Better System is Needed

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Taking one or two pills a day of a single product to meet all of your needs in the perinatal stages sounds simple and convenient. But when it comes to optimal nutrition, less is not more. 

Women are often depleted because we lack the optimal mix of nutrients our bodies need, especially during the perinatal stages. We deserve more than being in constant survival mode, and we deserve more than one pill per day.

Disrupting the status quo

Why is it that we’ve become anchored to the idea of one or two pills a day?

The nutritional needs of women before, during, and after pregnancy are extensive, and one pill just won’t cut it. 

So when we set out to create our Prenatal Multi, we didn’t start with the assumption that we had to fit it into one or two pills. We built the best prenatal we could, without compromise, and without concern for the status quo.

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Nutrients take up space

The optimal forms and doses of all of the nutrients a mother and growing baby need take up a lot of space, particularly the bulky (but critical) nutrients Choline, Magnesium, and Calcium. When you realize that the recommended daily dose of Choline takes up two capsules itself, you start to wonder what’s missing from the one or two pill prenatals. We’ll tell you: it’s a lot.

Our Prenatal Multi Capsules are delivered in 8 capsules. Because the status quo of popping one or two pills per day to cover all of your needs, has become the norm, 8 capsules might sound like a lot. But in order to make the most comprehensive option out there that delivers optimal nutrition for both mother and baby, 8 capsules are required. 

And we don’t stop at the Prenatal Multi. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Even the very best Prenatal Multi alone can’t meet all of your nutrient needs. Your body needs more than vitamins and minerals to thrive.

For example, Omega-3s are critical to baby’s brain development, and there are a number of incredible benefits to Probiotic supplementation during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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What’s at stake?

Why does this matter? Because we know that proper nutritional support changes outcomes for mother and baby. This is not just about birth outcomes—it’s significant in fertility, pregnancy, and the health trajectory of the mother, child and future generations. We see this in the research and through the clinical practice of the 4000+ perinatal health practitioners we have partnered alongside. Unfortunately, this knowledge is not widely dispersed or accepted. In the conventional order, nutrition is an afterthought. 

Nutritional CareTM is pregnancy care

If it seems like a lot, that’s because it is. During pregnancy, your body is creating a brand new life from scratch. Your body is building organs, systems, muscles, and more, all while supporting its own needs as well. It is an incredible feat that requires incredible support.

That’s why we’re setting a radically better standard for nutrition and women’s health. We believe we should center care around the woman (not just her baby), her nutrition (not just her symptoms), and the nutrition experts (not just her doctor) to help her uncover what she needs. 

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A better system is needed

We know that life is busy and the number of decisions to make around your health can be overwhelming. But managing your supplement routine shouldn’t be stressful, and the way to convenience is not through one pill per day.

This is why we have created our system of truly supportive products designed to work safelt and effectively together to meet the needs of fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum and beyond. Our system of products and plans offer convenience alongside optimal nourishment to make sure you have what is needed for you and your baby to thrive.

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Hillary Bennetts, Nutritionist

Hillary Bennetts is a nutritionist and business consultant focusing on prenatal and postpartum health. In addition to nutrition consulting, she provides business consulting and content creation for companies in the health and wellness industry. Hillary spent almost a decade in corporate consulting before shifting gears to combine her lifelong passion for health and wellness with her business background and nutrition education.