Omega-3 tailored for a mama-to-be
Omega-3 tailored for a mama-to-be
Omega-3 tailored for a mama-to-be
Omega-3 tailored for a mama-to-be
Omega-3 tailored for a mama-to-be

Omega-3 tailored for a mama-to-be

-Omega-3 is a critical nutrient for you and your baby--before, during, and after pregnancy. 

-Our vegan Omega-3 powder delivers much-needed DHA+EPA for you and your baby. It's clinically proven to be 5x better absorbed than standard fish oil pills. Many mamas-to-be find our powder to be a lot easier to take on a consistent, daily basis. 

-Your subscription includes 30 daily packets, delivered right to your door. So you'll never have a miss a day of nourishment. Free shipping. Cancel anytime. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

    Why a subscription?
    Daily, continuous supplementation is needed to maintain optimal Omega-3 levels for you and your baby during pregnancy. Our subscription ensures you never miss a day of optimal nourishment. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you don't love our Omega-3, you can cancel anytime and we'll refund your most recent shipment.
    Health benefits
    Omega-3 supports your body and your baby, before, during and after pregnancy. For the fertility-focused woman: Omega-3 is critical for overall egg health and hormonal function. It also supports a healthy inflammatory response; reducing excess inflammation could be a crucial component of increasing your fertility. For the pregnant mama-to-be: Omega-3 supports baby’s cell growth, baby’s brain and eye development, healthy pregnancy, and mama’s mood. For the postpartum mama: Omega-3 is a critical nutrient for a new mama’s recovery, mood, and wellbeing. And it positively influences higher concentration of DHA in breastmilk. *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
    We source our Omega-3 from sustainable microalgae - the primary food source of marine life - to bring you both DHA + EPA without the potential exposure to heavy metals often found in Omega-3 sourced from fish. Our microalgae is grown and harvested in the US.
    Our product is free of any added flavorings. Some mamas-to-be find it to be mildly sweet, others can detect a slight algae flavor. We find that mixing the powder into a spoonful of nut butter, a chai-spiced beverage, or a mashed banana with cinnamon, gently masks any light taste inherent in the natural ingredients we use.
    How to use
    Our daily packets are easy to take, whether at home or on-the-go. Mix one packet into a single serving of food or drink. We suggest 4-6 oz (for 150mg dose), 6-8 oz (for 250mg dose), and 8-10 oz (for 500mg dose) of liquid or mixable food. For best flavor and absorption results, add immediately before serving, once hot food or drink is cool enough to consume, and within 1-2 hours of opening the packet. We do not recommend cooking or baking with the powder.
    Sunflower Lecithin (a source of phospholipids and choline), Rice Dextrin, Algae Oil (DHA + EPA), Organic Cane Sugar (essential in small amounts to stabilize the liposome structure, not for added sweetness), Rice Fiber, Organic Rice Flour. Made with BioUp(TM) liposomes. BioUp is Needed's scientific partner and a leading expert on liposomal delivery.
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    proven in practice.

    Proving that our products work in a lab or at a biochemical level isn’t enough. Hear from our community about how our Omega-3 performs in their lives.

    Omega-3 during pregnancy is needed.

    In my practice, almost 90% of the patients that I test are deficient in Omega-3s. Unfortunately, many prenatal vitamins lack the DHA + EPA that most mamas and mamas-to-be need.

    Dr. Leah Gordon | Naturopathic Doctor

    Far from fishy

    It’s far from fishy. Omega-3s are so great for kids, especially, as well as adults. The powder is sweet and pleasant tasting, and you can eat it alone or blended into foods.

    Dr. Elana Roumell | Naturopathic Doctor

    Novel, effective, and needed.

    I am thrilled to be in partnership with Needed as they launch their novel, effective, and needed Omega-3 Liposomal Powder. It's a delight to see our copy of nature’s simple, elegant, and highly efficient delivery system introduced to consumers, providing widespread access to the benefits of key nutrients.

    Dr. Crispin Eley | Research Scientist + Entrepreneur


    My son and I tried it, and it was fantastic!  No taste whatsoever.

    Stefanie I Austin, TX

    Mild and slightly sweet.

    The kids and I tried out the products. They didn't notice a taste, and I found it to be mild and slightly sweet.

    Ashley I San Francisco, CA

    This works for me!

    I put in a smoothie, and it was totally undetectable in consistency and taste! I love getting my hidden health benefits, so this works for me.

    Sarah I San Francisco, CA

    Kids loved it!

    My kids and I loved it! I sprinkled it on our "healthy" pancakes.

    Christina I San Francisco, CA

    It's vegan!

    My favorite things about Needed's Omega-3 is that it’s vegan and my kids couldn’t taste it in their smoothies!

    Iyse I San Francisco, CA

    Far better than the liquid stuff.

    A slight fish taste was present but not strong. If I didn’t know it was in there, I wouldn't have noticed it. It was far better than the liquid stuff and packaged powders that make smoothies taste gross.

    Sarah I San Francisco, CA

    No fishy after taste.

    I love that it was in powder form and that I didn’t have a fishy after taste in my mouth.

    Katya Mosely, L. Ac.

    Versatile and simple.

    I like how versatile it is and how simple it is to incorporate into your family's routine. I also love that it does not rely on fish as the main source of omega-3. 

    Ashley Koch | Family Nutrition + Health Advocate

    Omega-3 is key during pregnancy.

    Pregnant women consuming long chain omega-3 fatty acids such as found in seafood, fish oil and algal oil can reduce the earliest and most risky preterm births by 42%, according to the Cochrane Review (2018). Pregnant women should try to achieve a DHA intake of around 500 mg/day during pregnancy. Women who don’t consume enough seafood, can receive DHA from prenatal supplements that contain DHA. Most DHA supplements are in a capsular form, however, a powder source that can be added to foods and beverages is now available for women who prefer not to take capsules.

    Susan Carlson, Ph. D.

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