Introducing Our Prenatal Multi Capsules

Introducing Our Prenatal Multi Capsules

The newest member to our Needed family is here and we are so excited to share it with you! Here’s everything you need to know about our brand new Prenatal Multi Capsules.

Why We Made Them 

Our Prenatal Multi Powder is unique in the world of prenatal vitamins. So why did we add a capsule to the mix? 

Our goal at Needed is to meet all of your perinatal nutrition needs, including your daily experience of taking your vitamins. We wanted to provide some flexibility for women to take a capsule on days that it is more convenient or preferred. For example, maybe you aren’t in the mood for a smoothie or maybe you’re on the go all day and mixing powder is just a little too much. We also wanted an option for mamas who simply have a preference for pills.

Why Needed Prenatal Multi Capsules?

Even though there are hundreds of pill and capsule options on the market, we’re confident that ours is still the most complete. We’ve thoughtfully planned every single nutrient form and dose, just as in our Prenatal Multi Powder.

You may compare us to the other two 8-capsule options on the market - Seeking Health and Full Circle. However, comparing the nutrient labels of these options to our Prenatal Multi Capsules shows that ours is still more complete. We include fewer added ingredients that are better taken separately if needed (e.g., Milk Thistle, Taurine, Red Raspberry, Betaine HCL) in favor of more critical nutrients. As one example, our Prenatal Multi Capsules contain 400mg of Choline as compared to 300mg in Full Circle and 250mg in Seeking Health.

Why 8 Capsules are Needed

Our Prenatal Multi Capsules are delivered in 8 capsules. We know this is a lot. But in order to make the most comprehensive option out there that delivers optimal nutrition for both mama and baby, 8 capsules are required. The bottom line is that the optimal forms and doses of all of the nutrients a mama and growing baby need take up a lot of space, particularly the bulky (but critical nutrients Choline, Magnesium, and Calcium). It really makes you think twice about what’s missing from all of those 2-pill prenatals out there, doesn’t it?

How to Take the Prenatal Multi Capsules

We understand that 8 capsules can seem overwhelming or difficult to take - it’s why our first Prenatal Multi is delivered in powder form! If you break up your dose with meals throughout the day, taking 8 capsules can be more manageable. You can break them up however you’d like throughout the day. We recommend:

Breakfast: 4 capsules + Omega-3 + Pre/Probiotic

Lunch: 4 capsules

Afternoon: Prenatal Iron, if needed

Like our Prenatal Multi Powder, we recommend taking the Prenatal Multi capsules with food, ideally with a meal that contains a bit of fat to help absorb the fat-soluble nutrients. 


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