All About Omega-3s: A Quick Roundup of Important Info and Our Most Popular Blogs

All About Omega-3s: A Quick Roundup of Important Info and Our Most Popular Blogs

This week, we’re celebrating the launch of our new Omega-3+ Capsules! So, we thought a quick round-up on all things Omega-3 was, well, needed.

So, let’s dive into why it’s needed, who needs it, and why our two Omega-3 options are better than the rest.

The Why

Wondering why Omega-3 matters for mamas? We explain that here.

Our Shocking Experience

Wondering if you really need a supplement? Check out the shocking results of our testing experience:

We tested the Omega-3 levels of nearly 250 women of childbearing age from across the country at wellness events as well as through direct outreach to wellness practitioners. Among these nutritionally-aware women, we found that ~96.3% were not meeting their Omega-3 needs. Curious where you land? Get your levels tested with our simple at-home kit.

A Real Life Case Study

Curious what another mama’s journey looks like incorporating Omega-3 during the preconception phase? Get a peek into a case study with one of our naturopathic doctors and her patient.

Why our Omega?

Not all Omegas are created equal. We offer two high quality options, a liposomal powder (currently on pre order) and Omega-3 Plus capsules, shipping now! Here’s what sets our Omega-3 products apart:

  • Quality: Our sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging help prevent damaging oxidation that is so prevalent in other supplements and detrimental to health.
  • Testing: Every batch is third party tested to ensure quality, purity, and potency. It is free from microplastics and heavy metals, commonly found in fish.
  • Sustainability: Our Omega-3 is sourced from vegan algae sustainably grown in the United States. 
  • More than just Omega-3: The unique combination of DHA, EPA, Choline, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin in our Omega-3+ capsules works synergistically for optimal nutrient absorption.
  • Liposomal Delivery: Our Omega-3 powder absorbs 5x better than standard fish oil pills thanks to liposomal delivery. 

Our Omega-3 is back!

Grab our Omega-3+ Capsules – they’re shipping now!
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