Motherhood is forever. Depletion is not.

You asked, we answered.

The postpartum period is one of life’s most profound transitions. Many mothers struggle to prioritize their needs alongside those of their newborns. So, while putting on your own oxygen mask first is crucial, finding trusted information and support often isn’t easy.

That’s why we’ve built a robust online resource that offers practical advice and tools from the experts in our trusted practitioner network. Empowering you with the knowledge to navigate postpartum, and beyond with confidence.

You asked, we answered.

Our bodies go through a lot during pregnancy, which can lead to postpartum depletion. Symptoms can include fatigue, mood swings, concentration difficulties, sleep disturbances, hair loss, and weakened immunity.  Our experts recommend ways to optimize nutrition, rest (when possible), seek emotional support, and balance caregiving with self-care to insure your body has what it needs.

Jamie Adams, MS, RD, LDN @wellnourishedmamas

Jamie Adams, MS, RD, LDN @wellnourishedmamas

“Clients come to me feeling mentally and physically drained. We work on prioritizing nutrition, preparing nutrient dense meals, incorporating nutritious snacks, and ensure mom is meeting all of her nutrient needs postpartum. They start to feel more energized and alive.”

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Postpartum problems are common but shouldn’t be normal.

During the postpartum period, approximately 85% of women face some level of mood disturbance. For many, these emotions are transient and mild, often called the ‘baby blues.’ However, about 10 to 15% of mothers may grapple with more substantial challenges like depression or anxiety. This is why it’s so important to pay careful attention to your mental health and know how to seek support in the first few months after birth.

*If you are struggling with your mental health please seek urgent support from your provider. Or you can call the The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline. Call or text 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262).

Krystal Sanchez, Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant, @livewellwithkrystal

Krystal Sanchez, Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant, @livewellwithkrystal

“Navigating postpartum stress can feel overwhelming, but remember, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. As you and your baby find your rhythm together, things will naturally start to feel easier. Trust in your strength. You’ve got this.”

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Postpartum recovery varies widely based on factors such as delivery type, overall health, and pregnancy experience. However, all recovery involves prioritizing your physical healing needs and gradually easing back into activities. Navigating steep hormonal fluctuations alongside the practical aspects of returning to work and meeting your child's needs isn't always easy. But our experts share practical ways you can support and advocate for yourself.

*If you are worried about any aspect of your bodys healing process or pain levels postpartum please urgently seek support from your medical practitioner.

Tenisha Hill, CNP <br> @tenishahillwellness

Tenisha Hill, CNP

“I always share simplified nutrition tips so that new moms can start eating to help with their recovery and healing, mental health and energy levels.”

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