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Your Nutritional Needs Aren’t One Size Size Fits All. That’s Why We’re Needed.

Hillary Bennetts

Your Nutritional Needs Aren’t One Size Size Fits All. That’s Why We’re Needed.

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  • Intro
  • Women Are Different and Unique
  • Needs Shift and Change
  • Research Supports Supplementation Beyond Vitamins and Minerals
  • A Better Approach is Needed

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Women’s bodies are uniquely complex and diverse. Each body varies in what it needs at different points in her life, but most supplements are targeted as a single one-size-fits-all solution. Here’s why that approach doesn’t support optimal health, and why a better approach is needed. 

Women are different and unique

While our bodies are more alike than different in the perinatal stages, we aren’t all exactly the same. We eat different diets, we live in different environments, and we come from different backgrounds with different genetic makeups. As convenient as it would be to oversimplify, the reality is that what one woman needs at any point in her perinatal journey differs from another.

Needs shift and change

One woman’s own body doesn’t have the same needs throughout all of pregnancy. In certain phases of pregnancy, more support might be needed in certain areas. For example, during the nausea of the first trimester, a woman may not be able to get much protein down, so a flavorless Collagen Protein and a Prenatal Choline are helpful. Later in pregnancy, as blood volume rises, more Iron is often needed (however, how much Iron can differ from woman to woman). Similarly, a woman may need more Vitamin D during the darker winter months, or if she is exclusively breastfeeding. 

Research supports supplementation beyond vitamins and minerals

Research is clear that nutrition needs in pregnancy extend beyond vitamins and minerals. For example, there are a number of incredible benefits to Probiotic supplementation for fertility and during pregnancy and breastfeeding

In addition, research shows that protein needs are higher in pregnancy than previously thought. For this reason, we offer and bundle our Prenatal Collagen Protein. It is a clean, quick, and convenient way to meet your needs for this critical macronutrient.

A better approach is Needed

Rather than a one-pill-fits-all approach, we consider core foundational needs and offer the option to layer on additional supplementation when needed. Our add- on products like Choline, Vitamin D, and Iron offer flexible dosing that can be tailored to your individual needs. 

The perinatal stages are not a time to settle for bare minimum or the status quo. They are a time to thrive. At Needed, we’re championing a radically better approach to nutrition – for women, their families, and our earth.

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Hillary Bennetts, Nutritionist

Hillary Bennetts is a nutritionist and business consultant focusing on prenatal and postpartum health. In addition to nutrition consulting, she provides business consulting and content creation for companies in the health and wellness industry. Hillary spent almost a decade in corporate consulting before shifting gears to combine her lifelong passion for health and wellness with her business background and nutrition education.