Support optimal prenatal nutrition with your 4-Part Nutrition Plan preorder

Support optimal prenatal nutrition with your 4-Part Nutrition Plan preorder

We’re excited to announce the launch of our 4-Part Nutrition Plan for optimal prenatal nutrition. It is available for presale as we perfect each product for our community of mamas and mamas to be. 

We, Ryan and Julie, met as friends and fellow nutrition nerds. As we began to think about motherhood, we were surprised to find that we both were deficient in a number of key prenatal nutrients. We dug into the research and found that we were far from alone: 

97% of pregnant women in the United States take a prenatal vitamin, yet 95%+ are also still deficient in a number of key nutrients. 

These deficiencies can contribute to fertility challenges, pregnancy ailments, breastfeeding woes, difficult postpartum recoveries, and in many cases poor outcomes for baby, too. 

A better approach to nutrition was needed: for ourselves, for our children, and for you and yours.

So, we’ve spent the last three years developing a complete nutrition plan for mamas in partnership with doctors, midwives, nutritionists, biochemists, researchers, microbiologists, real mamas, and more. 

The Complete Plan includes four products to support optimal prenatal nutrition: 

Prenatal Multi (Available now for pre-order)

Vitamins, minerals, and botanicals selected and dosed to fully nourish not only baby, but mama as well.

Omega-3 (DHA + EPA) (Available now for purchase)

Vegan liposomal powder that’s clinically-proven 5x better absorbed than a standard fish oil pill.

Collagen Protein (Available now for purchase)

Supporting the increased amino acids requirements of mama and baby during pregnancy in an easily digestible form.

Pre/Probiotic (Available now for purchase)

Targeted strains to support the shifting maternal microbiome and the development of a healthy microbiome in baby.

Our products are designed to mix together into a smoothie or other nourishing drink and fits easily into your routine. 

Learn more about the research and development of these products through four upcoming webinars beginning 8/11 at 5PM PT. Full details at the end of this post.

Our Plan is an enormous step in realizing our mission of optimally nourishing women and families. 

As a young company, your pre-order truly makes it possible for us to pursue rigorous research and a big mission of optimally nourishing all mamas.

We hope you'll join our mission, as real nourishment is achieved together.

Your support is needed.

Ryan and Julie 

Prenatal Nutrition Webinars: 


Why the prenatal you are recommending isn't enough.

Tuesday, August 11th at 5PM PT

with Dr. Leah Gordon and Dr. Ari Calhoun, naturopathic and functional medicine doctors

Drs. Gordon and Calhoun will highlight the key nutrients necessary to optimally support both mama and baby before, during, and after pregnancy and why they probably aren't getting enough from current prenatals. They will unpack the research and rationale behind Needed's custom formula designed to take mama's health, as well as baby's, into account.



How mimicking breastmilk may be the answer to Omega-3 delivery.

Thursday, August 1 at 11am PT 

with Dr. Crispin Eley, Chief Scientific Officer at BioUp Mimetic Technologies and a world-leading expert in liposomal delivery 

Dr. Eley will describe what liposomes are, why they are utilized in nature (including in breastmilk and wild salmon), how to identify quality commercial liposomes, and how liposomes offer the best form of Omega-3 delivery (absorption and protection) in Needed’s proprietary formula. 



How to partner with OB-GYNs to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes through better prenatal nutrition.

Tuesday, August 18 at 4PM PT

with Dr. Shamsah Amersi, OB-GYN

OB-GYNs offer critical support to mama and baby, but often there are limitations in the nutrition support they are able to provide mamas. Dr. Amersi will highlight: for other OB-GYNs relevant nutrition information to differentiate your obstetrics practice, for other practitioners and consumers how you can fill in gaps in prenatal nutrition care left by OB-GYNs, and for all the differences in outcomes Dr. Amersi has observed in well nourished patients. Sneak peek: Collagen Protein should be part of your prenatal standard of care. 



How the maternal microbiome shapes a baby's immune system, neurodevelopment, gut health, and more! And, why a prenatal Pre/Probiotic is needed. 

Tuesday, August 25 at 1PM PT

with Kiran Krishnan, Microbiologist and Chief Scientific Officer of Microbiome Labs, and Aicacia Young, RDN and Director of Scientific Affairs of Microbiome Labs 

Kiran and Aicacia will highlight the latest research around how a mama’s microbiome impacts her baby’s health and unpack the research and rationale behind Needed's custom formula designed to optimally support the maternal microbiome, and ultimately baby’s health. 



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