what nature-first means to us.

Our Omega-3 is as close to its natural state, and synergistic with the body, as it gets.

nature is our guide for ingredient selection.

Our Omega-3 is sourced from sustainably harvested microalgae, the marine source that fish get their DHA and EPA from.

nature is our guide for nutrient pairings.

We pair our Omega-3 with its natural helper nutrients, like phospholipids and choline from sunflowers, for optimal absorption and performance in the body. 

nature is our guide for nutrient delivery.

We deliver our Omega-3 in liposomes, natural molecular structures that facilitate nutrient protection and near-perfect absorption (a 5x improvement over standard fish oil pills). Liposomes are nature's way of carrying Omega-3 in breastmilk.

let nature be your guide.

Experience an Omega-3 that's inspired and guided by nature.