Nutrition needs aren't static, so we tailor to your tastes, habits, and life stage.

Better nutrition shouldn’t be a tough pill to swallow. Our neutral-tasting Omega-3 Powder blends easily into your favorite foods, from oatmeal to nut butters to a creamy mac and cheese.

Our single-dose packets of Omega-3 Powder make it easy to add extra nutrition to the foods you love. It fits seamlessly into your life, whether you are feeding a finicky toddler or grabbing a smoothie on-the-go.

Omega-3 plays a valuable role throughout the life path, but type and quantity needs vary by age. Our Omega-3 Powder delivers both DHA + EPA, and we offer three dosages to ensure everyone is taken care of, from newborns to grandparents.

nutrition along the life path.

From neurodevelopment to hormone regulation, to skin health and much more, Omega-3 is beneficial at every stage of life. Key functions at each stage include:

baby and toddler

supports: normal growth and development, neurodevelopment, gastrointestinal health, healthy inflammatory response, eye and skin health

children and teens

supports: cognitive function,  healthy inflammatory response, hormone regulation, mood, skin health

expectant and new mothers

supports: fetal cell growth, fetal brain and eye development, maternal mood


supports: cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, healthy inflammatory response, hormone regulation, mood, skin health, hair health

active aging

supports: cognitive function, cardiovascular health, healthy inflammatory response, mood, muscle strength, bone health

education that's tailored.

Learn how Omega-3 can address your nutrition needs, wherever you are on your nutrition journey.