Nutrition for the journey to motherhood and beyond.

From fertility through postpartum

Omega-3 is a critical nutrient for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health. It’s important to increase Omega-3 intake, as nutrient stores are often depleted during pregnancy because the body will always give preference to the baby’s optimal nourishment. 

for the fertility-focused woman

Omega-3 is critical for overall egg health and hormonal function. It also supports a healthy inflammatory response; reducing excess inflammation could be a crucial component of increasing your fertility.

for the pregnant mama-to-be

Omega-3 supports baby’s cell growth, baby’s brain and eye development, healthy pregnancy, and mama’s mood. 

for the postpartum mama

Omega-3 is a critical nutrient for a new mama’s recovery, mood, and wellbeing. And it positively influences higher concentration of DHA in breastmilk.